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The Writing Center

The Need

We all know that writing effectively is essential for success in the competitive work environment, yet many students struggle to master the skills needed to even graduate high school. The new state writing proficiency requirement demands that students slated to graduate next June demonstrate these skills before they can receive a diploma. As of November, 2012 only 47% of the senior class have met this requirement.

The Strategy

This is where the Roosevelt High School Writing and Publishing Center (WPC) can make a difference. With a diverse team of well-trained high school and college student Writing Consultants available every period, our goal is to create a vibrant community of writers. Since its inception last year, the WPC has already provided one-on-one Writing Consultation to over 300 students, hosted more than 35 volunteer Writing Consultants, and remains open all day for individual and classroom use. We hope that through our efforts and collaboration with teachers all RHS students will meet the required writing proficiency in time to graduate.

The Impacts

“She was very helpful in helping me with the topic of my paragraphs, and embellishing on it. She helped me a lot on the structures and sentences of my essay.” – Regina Xiong

“She helped me structure my essay and figure out the main idea. I think that I got everything out of what she told me and the she helped me also figure out the main idea and use supporting evidence to support it.” – Jorge Macias

“It was very helpful to see how my writing came across to another person.” – Jazzmine Allen

While graduation is a top priority, the Writing and Publishing Center does more than help students build technical writing skills. We ignite a fire beneath students to raise the visibility of their voices, passions, and dreams by providing opportunities for their writing to come alive within the school and community. Through innovation, collaboration, and determination, we have initiated several projects designed to give writing an authentic audience, and demonstrate the power of youth voice.

“Everyone needs to know how to write because it is a necessity of life. Everything revolves around writing. And if someone can learn at a young age not only how to write but edit and understand the complexity of language then one’s focus on life will be stronger. They will have more opportunities and experience that will excel in situations.” – Olivia LeMaster, Student